April 4: Varuna Picture

April 4: Yesterday I waited for an hour to get my oil changed and while I was waiting, I did this. This is Scylla's father and I've decided to call him Varuna, from Hindu mythology. He is a naga, one of the sons of the ranking female Ekidna. (See Gargoyles season 2 ep: New Olympus)

He is not a favored son and is relegated to a miserable post in the high mountains, away from naga society. This does not particularly upset him. Varuna is known for his bookish ways and is one of the few nagas to study with other New Olympians in their places of higher learning. His liberal attitudes clash with Ekidna's isolationist tendencies which leads to his current post. Solitude suits him but when the winds bring him an expected visitor, his life changes forever.
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