RotG OC - Momus FIN Picture

Finished! I just used the airbrush in GIMP like crazy. He's got deep peach skin, claret-colored hair (a variant on the wine color), and silver top and gray pants with dark green shoes to match his dark green eyes.

Name: Momus (Call him Mo if he'll let you)
Relation: Linked to the Greek God of the same name
Personality: Always has a scowl on his face, snarky, nitpicky and makes fun of anything and everything. He's actuall the hardest on himself because he can't stop himself from hurting others because of his link to his mythology
Back History: When mankind began to come up with mythology, the stories turned to life on Earth, though unseen and unheard. Momus is based on the Greek God, who got himself exiled and now he is forced to wander the world unable to go to where the other 'Gods/Goddesses' reside in (the place humans know as Mt. Olympus).

Reference © *SenshiStock.
Art © *Wildnature03.
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