Noctua Revamp Picture

Your name is NOCTUA BUNSEK. Being 8 sweeps of age, you are now training to follow in your ancestor’s footsteps and join the ranks of the PSYCULLOGISTS, one of many legions of the Condescension’s armies. However, you are still stuck on Alternia for now, as trainees are kept posted on the planet to monitor for any attempted rebellions.

You enjoy the VISUAL ARTS, however, you haven’t been able to paint as much as you used to, and stick to keeping a sketchbook on you while you observe your surroundings. You find TROLL-WATCHING incredibly fascinating, and tend to find yourself CREEPING ON OTHERS. You also have a huge soft spot for TROLL HISTORY AND MYTHOLOGY, and read heavily when off-duty.

While you understand the biological significance of the Hemospectrum, you don’t believe it in as firmly as the higher blood castes would desire. As a result, you tend to FORGET YOUR PLACE sometimes and speak when you shouldn’t. You’re regarded as some form of ODDBALL, as you’re clearly a little older than the average civilian age group, and you show more of a preference to TALKING PROBLEMS WITH OTHER TROLLS OUT, rather than simply CULLING THE MENTALLY FEEBLE, as your peers would like.

Your lusus is an OWL GRYPHON, and your strife specibus is allocated to WHIPKIND. Your trolltag is pragmaticDiagnosis and (( tend to mull over your words a little and speak quietly…))

Fabtrolls is kind of out of the picture atm, so I've figured I'd just give Noctua a total revamp.
Tumblr apparently loves this picture so uh, gonna put it here.

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