Kimberlyn Picture

Artist's Note: A lot of people that I know, feel I don't put clothing on my scorpion girls. *mews softly* That's going to simply change. Inspired by two songs; Wonderland by Natalia Kills and Marry the Night by Lady Gaga (During the very very gaga Thanksgiving.) I wanted to give another back view since its been awhile and put together a dark design. I wanted to make her a hybrid between a scorpion and Japanese demon called Yukai. I wanted to see what I could do with those mixture and if I do say so myself, it came out really well. But if this idea offends the mythos of the japanese culture. I'm sorry for that....I know how it feels when someone take mythological rule and completely changes. (Twilight) Anyway, going to the structure of her. Well you have the basic design of a scorpion girl; bottom heavy but what I'm really take is her hands. I feel they are extremely hard to excute. I was really happy that I was able to pull it off. So I hope you guys enjoy it. ^^

Name: Kimberlyn
Sex: Female
Race: Scorpion/Yukai
Age: 33 Year old
Blood type: Unknown
Atlas: Guardian
Mother: N/A
Bio Sister: Libitina
Step Sister: Hisano
Nieces: Mindy and Ova
Step Auntie: N/A
Cousins: N/A
Adopt. Nieces: Kalyce, Chasca and Fleur
Goddess: Moon Goddess

Bio: Even though, she has a dreadful sister that renounced all loyality to the empire and goddess. Her own personal loyality to her sister and the empire isn't miss place. Now, some may say; what would a demon know about loyality....When she was little, she was one of the few sisters that were close to Libitina. They would do almost everything together but as the years grew and time drifted them apart. She comes to realize that her dear sisters loyality towards the daughters of the moon goddess was replaced by jealous and hatred for a fellow sister and witch. May, times she tired reasoning with her sister but it seemed that the sun god had already claimed her soul. From then on, she vowed to the empresses and goddesses that would become the head of her family and remain loyality. She became a guardian after 3 years from her vow. She remains in charge of her household in the anthro plains.

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