battleship Jormandgandr Picture

this was another one of my RIFTS vehicles, in fact the vehicle that started my Scandinavian setting. my inner muchkin got out while watching the Super Atragon anime, so i started thinking about how to build a futuristic submarine battleship in rifts. from that came the fluff about the scandinavian alliance and eventually details on that nation and it's other equipment. unfortunately the project has developed away from this vessel, and now i can't really justify it's existance in the setting.

really more of an arsenal ship, and intended to fight a resurging soviet threat, it's a thousand feet long and packs an absurd amount of firepower. four turrets each packing a pair of 155mm artillery peices, rapid firing to be able to put 16 rounds per minute down range..each. one turret with a pair of 406mm battleship guns, for shore bombardment and antiship work (since most ships will have plenty of anti-missile defense, making them vulnerable to standard shells again). VLS Cruise missile and SAM systems provide missile based firepower, while point defense is performed by several dozen laser emplacements. it also packs heavy torpedeos for submerged defense, although the lasers function underwater as well. the whole reason it's submersible, as opposed to a surface ship, was survivability. particularly against orbital observation and weaponry. it's name, jormangandr, is from norse mythology. the world serpent.

sadly, as cool as it was, there isn't a place for it anymore in my setting. i've scaled back the alliance, and it no longer has the same dominating naval presence, although its navy is one of the more potent ones in its defense role.
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