Real and Fake Picture

Lacus Clyne and Meer Campbell were taken into a strange place, having no idea where the place is, who brought them there and why they are in the place. A blue-haired girl in a revealing clothing then appears and apologizes why they were brought there and tells them that the only way they can leave is to do one simple favor - to pose. While Lacus feels that something is off, Meer immediately complies with the request, forcing the former to do the same. Unknown to the two young women, the blue-haired girl has something they thought only existed in fictional books and mythological lore...

* The title refers to Lacus Clyne which is the real "Lacus" and Meer Campbell being Lacus's impersonator.

Background stock - Premade Background Stock 66
Victims are Lacus Clyne and Meer Campbell from Gundam SEED series.

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