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Hecate - in Greek mythology, the goddess of witchcraft, night, moon, madness and protection from it, crossroads. Especially favored women in trouble, helping them to take revenge by witchcraft. Was considered the goddess of thresholds, crossroads, where merge two realities: our and "other", Protectress of the Gate.
Her symbols: the torch, the whip, the key and dagger.
Related animals: snakes and dogs.


Personality and Ancestor: Hecate has little in common with the representative of her caste. Something mystical felt in her personality. Completely devoid of prejudices, mainly deals with the low-caste. Some Highbloods not approve it, but Hecate does not care about their opinion. She walks in her own ways, often her actions are incomprehensible to most. Sometimes scares people. She is engaged witchcraft, as well as her Ancestor. But so far could only control a fire. In contrast to the Ancestor, who was a powerfull witch. Ancestor openly helped to Lowbloods by her magic, mainly women. Because of her high status and power she has not been touched and even feared. Ancestor was a true matriarch. No one knows what happened to her during the revolution against the Highbloods. Maybe she's still alive.
Hecate feels cut off from life and loneliness due to the overall incomprehension of her behavior and values. Has a strong intuition, which saved her and her friends lifes not once. Relates indifferently to love interests. Hecate can not create a close emotional contact, they remain a mystery to her - even if she tends to establish a close relationship, comes friendship and mutual understanding rather than passion. She doesn't necessarily need Moirail to curb her aggression, she deal with it perfectly by herself.
She has access to a variety of places and very different people. She manages to go in many, if not in all, doors. The most amazing way sometimes. But she stays a stranger.
Hecate knows a lot of stories and knows how to tell them. It may be real, but unusual event, a participant or a witness that she was, and sometimes even a legends or fairy tales.
She knows what is choice and where it leads to (crossroads, yeah
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