Rise your wings phoenix Picture

Raise your wings phoenix
Tool: watercolor pencil +color pencil ..
I had a dream. That one day I will raise my wings jest like you .Too be a free, to live the eternal. For ever and ever and ever. Even if not my soul will born …. But there is one thing I am sure about it .
Every generations will rise there own wings
Because we believe that form our ashes there will be new born babies.
So Raise your wings phoenix

I really love the mythologies...they really have a greats ideas to work with them. why I chooses the phoenix will ^.^ . this bird represent the freedom and from his ash there will be a new baby born to live after the old one .. The flame/fire is the sources of life .. *and the fire is my favorite element ^.^ *
So if I let my dreams grow up maybe I will have a wings to fly to the place I can call it: ageless dreams .
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