Loki and Fenrir Picture

EDIT: Wow! 96 favourites, that's almost 100... so, I decided this was a good place to mention that if anyone makes a request for art that inspires me to want to draw something, it might just happen. Keep the requests clean (ish at least) and respect that my time is my own, and I'm not making promises. Really though, the more people who are attracted to my gallery, the better it is for me later on. So request away, it doesn't hurt.

Again, no excuses, just explaining the process...

So I managed to capture a picture of Pumpkin (My cat who isn't orange) and I cuddling, a number of months back and, you know, recently with being on this Avengers kick, the first thing I thought of was drawing Loki cuddling Fenrir, because, well, he's his dad. So there I am thinking I might draw it up, procrastinating about taking on a new project, though small it is, and tumbler decided to be all "Have Tom Hiddleston holding a puppy."... no idea where the picture is from, but it crumbled my resistance, being as I, at that point, had the perfect reference. And so, today, or rather tonight, while staying up to do dishes and because I have insomnia, I finally decided to draw it up.

I think I got the facial features and expression pretty close, I know I totally changed the pose otherwise. Of course little Fen's paws are huge, because he's going to grow up to be gigantic. Loki is topless again, for a few reasons.

1. it's easier to draw people sans clothes.
2. It looks more domestic that way and his other clothing would look too formal for walking around his house holding his baby.
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