MH OC Kallista Zephyr Picture

I actually own the top she is wearing (though I made up the belt and really wish it was a real thing I could buy!)

So this is that New OC I having been working on for so long. basically I wanted to make a new, unique looking character that was less commonly seen in the MH fandom.

Kallista is the daughter of a Harpy. The Harpy Podarge from Greek Mythology to be exact. Now you are probably wondering why Kallista looks like this instead of like a normal Harpy, right? Well in my head, Kallista's father is Zephyrus, the God of the West Wind [link] who in myth has been a lover of Podarge before and sired her children. Since the Gods of the wind were sometimes depicted as both winged men and as horses in the stable of Aeolus the Storm god, and according to myth the sons of Podarge and Zephyrus's union were the immortal horses Balius and Xanthus who pulled Achilles Chariot [link] I didn't think it would be that unreasonable of a stretch to make Kallista a centaur-like being as a result of that unusual family. Yay for Creative Licenses, right?

Now I have mentioned on blogs and in various other places my usual feelings on Monster High OCs being the children of Gods so this character might seem a little contradictory, but if you have the time, please go to my journal entry found here [link] with a little explanation of how I came to find this character a reasonable exception to the rule.

Hopefully you'll be seeing more of this character soon. (She is difficult for me to draw still, I am struggling with Horse and bird anatomy)

Kallista Zephyr © ~Tsukiko-koe
Monster High © Lisi Harrison & Mattel

Oh and before I forget, a special thanks goes out to ~leavesofthree for helping me come up with Kallista's parentage. I had the design for her in my head long before I had any idea what creature(s) to credit as her parent(s), so none of this would have been possible without help.
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