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Name: Loki (often also called IceHeart)
Gender: male
Race: Mutant (Uses Ice and Fire)
Age: 22
Birthday: 12. May
Heigh: 1,96 m
Hair: ice blue
Eyes: brown/orange
Tattoos: one (the japanese signs for fire and ice on his hip)
Piercings: 6 earrings

Family: none
Sexuality: unknown
Relationship status: -

Likes: the ocean, taking naps, good food, animals

Dislikes: crowdy places, being interrupted while taking naps, when people get to close to his personal space, talking about his past

Name meaning:
Old Norse origin. Mythology: Loki was the mischievious troubemaker in the Norse pantheon of gods.

Loki is just like Sextus an orphanage kid. But other than him he wasn't born as a mutant. As he was still a small child he got adopeted for a short time from a laboratory. In fact they didn't cared about him. They only needed a test subject. They mixed his DNA and tried to give him ice and fire powers. Which indeed succeed. But later on they noticed that something went wrong. The ice part took more over his body as it were planned and so even some organs were affected. Loki doesn't have a problem with that the fact that they are part of ice isn't noticable. The professors even said he needs that ice inside him. This leads to problems if he uses his fire powers. If he does that the ice inside him would start to melt. And cause him pain and make him suffer. It will weaken him each time he uses the fire powers too much. With 15 the professors told him he will most likely die soon if they continue the tests. So Loki escaped from the laboratory and run away. Since the professors already saw him as a 'dead test subject' they didn't cared that much about him and just let him be. He went to the same orphanage were Sextus were living and got to met him there. They never really went along. They always had fights even thought they were both the only mutants around. It even escalated once that much that they had a real fight.

Loki left the orphanage before Sextus because he was older. But he came to Jean Gregory later as him.


Loki (c) DasChui

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