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Senshi Title: Sailor Charon (SHARE ON)
Mythology: Greek: Charon The ferryman of the dead.
Age: 24 Birthday: June 16th
Became a senshi: October 13th

Transformation Phrase: " Let Haros swallow me... CHARON MAKE UP"
Haros" is the modern Greek equivalent of Charon, and usage includes the curse "you will be eaten (i.e., taken) by Haros", or "I was in the teeth of Haros" (i.e., "I was near death/very sick/badly injured").

Catchphrase; "Do you have your payment ready? I'll be sure to see you off to the other side"

SOUL STREAM: A rush of murky chilled water forms into a Ball at the end of Charon's oar, and is flung at the opponent. It hits with such force, it's said to knock your spirit right out of your body.

Ferryman's Lantern: The symbol for the moon Charon on her oar glows with a soft light, attracting star seeds to it, so that Charon can contain them and lead them back to the galaxy cauldron.
Death's chill: A Bright light appears as a misty fog creeps in instant chill over takes the area, freezing everything in it's place for a short period of time. Can cause minor bodily damage depending how close you are when Charon use's this attack.

* Very seldom used as it takes almost all of her energy. Ferryman's Duty: Charon slams her oar into the ground onto either a piece of clothing or the shadow of her opponent, and it will open up a murky stream. This stream will try to suck in the opponent. If it succeeds, the opponent will vanish and leave an obol *a coin* behind.< possible attacks or moves in the future>
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