Nanzenji Oku-No-In Picture

Nestled high in a canyon above Nanzen-ji, the famous Zen Buddhist temple, lies this small shrine. Behind the point of view lies a small waterfall, the waters of which are reputed to have a healing, restorative quality, making this a destination for pilgrims.

Photos really can't come close to depicting this place. Aside from the immense beauty, the place has a sort of ethereal quality that needs to be experienced to be understood - the best way to describe it is that, when at this shrine, or on the long flight of stone steps that lead up a mountain path to arrive here, all the strange legends and superstitions so prevalent in Japanese mythology suddenly seem incredibly "possible", as if the next turn will reveal a mysterious woman in traditional clothes, or a Tanuki in disguise, or a nine-tailed fox.

Picture shot with the Nikon D2X and the 12-24mm f/4 DX. Fujichrome Velvia 100F slide film simulated with Ailen Skin Exposure.
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