Kirinish chibish adopts [CLOSED] Picture

Edit: I have now put my Watermark over these since apparently my signature isnt enough anymore, because i had someone stealing my adoptables. I hope DA can solve the problem because this really insults me and my efforts in art.

[Double click for a better veiw!!]

Finally i got myself to draw these Kirins (Dragon/horse)
I´m not very sure if they are much of a Kirin , thats why i call them Kirinish also supposed to be chibi.

well you decide if they are or not~
I made their ears long and.. bunny like.. (blame my neighbours CUTE mixbreed doggie for having the most cutest ears that nearly touch eachother. >w<)

Anyhow it was a girl here on DA that made me draw these in the first place, so thanks alot for the neat idea!


I accept: Only Points.
-No haggle,please
-No trades
-No put "On Hold´s" (if youre not a person i have promised before the upload)

Why so expensive?
1.) Because the linearts of just these designs wont be used ever again. (only the bald base lineart)
2.) If i take less than 80 pts i´ll be working for a few Cents. :/
Because 80
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