TT: Celestial Maiden Picture

I got 4th place in this TT contest.
Celestial Maiden (Celeste for short) is from China and is the younger sister to the Celestial Archer of the Great Ten. Her real name is Ming Yue. Following in the footsteps of her brother, she too has powers from Chinese Mythology, though it’s only from one certain myth: The Four Beast Gods. Much like how Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman were gifted with the power of the Greek Gods (strength of Hercules, wisdom of Athena, speed of Hermes, etc) Celeste has four special powers derived from each of the four beast gods.

Each power has an effect on Celeste’s wardrobe. The lavender part of her outfit changes color when a certain power is in use. To activate the power, Celeste firmly states the name of the God she wishes to channel, and when his symbol appears on her forehead, she is ready to fight. (Though, she is rather mediocre in hand-to-hand, the powers make up for that loss) However, each power has a side effect ranging from minor to major, depending on the difficulty of the situation.

Xuan Wu/Genbu (The Black Warrior/Tortoise), god of the northern quadrant grants Celeste the gift of military strategy. She becomes an expert tactician of warfare, but only when this power is activated. Lavender switches to dark green. The side effects vary with each use depending on how clever the villain is. For example, she will have no side effect when coming up with a strategy against someone like Control Freak. With someone like Red X, she will have a headache when the power fades, and when she’s done planning against The Brotherhood of Evil, she’ll have a migraine.

Zhu Que/Suzaku (The Red Bird), god of the southern quadrant grants Celeste the gift of fire, provided she has her own source (like a lighter). That’s why she carries around a lighter in her belt. Lavender switches to red. Celeste prefers to use the fire to ignite her hands making her punches full of heat! The side effects, again depending on the difficulty will result in getting flushed to having a fever.

Qing Long/Seiryuu (The Azure/Green Dragon), god of the eastern quadrant grants Celeste the gift of water, provided she has her own source (like a bottle of water). That’s why she carries around water capsules in her belt. Lavender switches to blue. Celeste shoots water streams from her hands and likes to attack long-range with exploding water balls. The side effects from using the dragon’s water ranges from being thirsty to dehydration.

Bai Hu/Byakko (The White Tiger), god of the western quadrant grants Celeste a skeletal reinforcement made of metal. Her weight increases due to the steel lining her bones and she has increased strength. Lavender switches to white. Celeste prefers to limit herself going no heavier than a Hummer in fear of the side effects which result in either getting sleepy or the possibility of falling into a coma.

Because she too is blessed by gods, Celeste enjoys hanging out with Wonder Girl. Also, like the other Titan females, she nurses a crush on Titans East member Aqualad.

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