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This is a presentation of the universe in which my future comics about the trios Vader / Voldemort / Freddy and Rorschach / Jack Sparrow / Rincewind will take place.

It's about the education of heroes, villains and anti-heroes.

Three academies exists: the Heroes Academy, The Evil Academy and the Anti-Heroes academy that has been created recently by those who called themselves anti-heroes to be in a category. In each academy, the principal is chosen by the students among a list at random to avoid rivalries and conflicts between the teachers, especially among the villains.

These academies are a blend between high school and university, during the period that correspond to middle school, there is no difference between the students and they have class with heroes, villains and anti-heroes as well, even if they can choose a qualification.

Another precision about the students, there are two kinds of students: the “psychic”, who have powers, and thus can become wizards, witches, superheroes... and the “normal” ones with no powers. A “psychic” can eventually renounce to his powers, in this case, which happens very rarely, a normal can obtain his powers.

Concerning the class, they have normal disciplines (mathematics, literature, languages, history, sport...) and more villain / hero / anti-hero oriented ones (History of heroes / villains / anti-heroes, horror, fantasy, science-fiction, space opera, witchcraft...) as well.

As for the teachers, all the teachers aren't there because they wanted it, indeed the directors of each academy choose them as teachers and they can't refuse, we can also notice that this is most of the time the most popular characters who are professors and since there are many students many teachers teach the same class like in a normal high school or university.

Here some of the professors:


Darth Vader : Science-fiction specialist of space-opera, Mechanic and technology teacher
Voldemort: Witchcraft, English literature
Freddy Krueger (and others horror characters): Horror, specialist of slasher
Morgan le Fay / Circe / Bellatrix / Maleficient....: witchcraft, fairy tales / fantasy (sorry there're so many witches but it's not my fault)
The Joker / Green Goblin: comics super-villains
Dracula: Vampires, Fantastic
Davy Jones, Barbossa: piracy


Indiana Jones : Adventure, History, Archeology, Mythology
Luke Skywalker: Science-fiction specialist of space-opera
Odysseus, Hercules, Achilles...: Greek Mythology
King Arthur and his knights: Medieval, Celtic mythology
Gandalf / Harry Potter...: magic, fantasy
Aragorn / Legolas... : fantasy
Superman, Batman, Spiderman...: superheroes


Rorschach (and all the Watchmen and Minutemen): superheroes (there's also others superheroes seen as anti-heroes like the Punisher for instance)
Rincewind: Fantasy, languages, geology
Jack Sparrow: piracy
Ash Williams: horror

As for collocation between students, they share room by groups between two and four students and boys and girls can't be together, and the problem is that they don't choose their roommates and can change and choose them only in high school, before that they can leave their roommates unless if they have really grave problems with them.

Finally, the students work on their identity as villain, hero, anti-hero (or other like sidekicks and supportive characters) and present it to their professors. If they passed their exams and if their identity is approved by their professors, they assume this new identity and can therefore change names and / or appearance if they wish.

In this drawing, I've represented the two trios I'll deal with as teenagers and adults in the comics to come. The trio of villains with Darth Vader, Voldemort, Freddy Krueger and their teen versions: Akim Vatter, Tom Marvolo Riddle and Frederick Charles Krueger and the trio of anti-heroes: Rorschach, Jack Sparrow and Rincewind and their teen versions: Walter Joseph Kovacs, Jack Sparrow and Vincent Windle. As you can see the only ones who have really changed their names are Vader and Rincewind. You can also see Freddy getting force-strangled and Jack getting grabbed by the collar by Rorschach for saying something insulting (or as least something Rorschach sees as insulting) to his former-roommate while he was drunk, Voldemort and Rincewind try, rather vainly to calm down their “friends” (as so far as you can consider as friends people you're obliged to live with and who are quite temperamental moreover).
In the trios there, only Jack and Walter are normal, all the others being psychic, even if they consider this status as maybe less legitimate concerning Rincewind since he's terrible at magic as everyone who read the Discworld series knows.

Jack and Freddy in their respective group are the ones who tease everyone, especially the stronger for some reason. And Vader and Rorschach are the most temperamental and stronger of their respective group as you can notice. As for Voldemort and Rincewind... well, the only thing they have in common is being the British of the group.

I hope I'll do one day these comics if I have some time, if there's anything you've not understood, since English is not my native language, please ask me. I also hope you'll enjoy it and please tell me what you think about it.

Disclaimer: all these characters are not mine and I don't get paid to use them, I just draw them and write about them sometimes

Barbossa, Davy Jones and Jack Sparrow belong to Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer
Rorschach and the others watchmen belong to Alan Moore
Rincewind belongs to Terry Pratchett
Voldemort, Bellatrix, Harry Potter belong to JK Rowling
Ash Williams belongs to Sam Raimi
Freddy Krueger belongs to Wes Craven
Darth Vader and any Star Wars character belong to George Lucas
Maleficient belongs to Disney
Gandalf and any character from the Lord of the Rings belong JRR Tolkien
Indiana Jones belongs to Spielberg and Lucas
any character from Marvel and DC belongs to the eponymous company

As you've understood, nothing belongs to me, sadly.

P.S.: Two corrections: Vader and Rincewind will finally keep their original names, I prefer this idea.

And I've just realized I have forgotten to color Rorschach's gloves... after all this time I finally notice it, wow. But I haven't looked at this drawing since quite a long time, so that must explain it.

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