Gemini (Sollux Captor) Picture

May 21- June 20
Just like the Twins, Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, the messenger of Gods in Greek mythology. Similar to the ruling planet, Geminis can never stay at a place for long. They are always on the look out for knowledge and experiences. A perfect example for social butterfly, individuals born under this sign are known to keep a crowd entertained with their amusing talks, but, tend to get deviated from the main topic. Gemini are multifaceted personalities and can manage things very well if they put their heart into it. Adaptability and intelligence are their two main virtues. They can be very generous, affectionate, and kind. Gemini individuals are known to be superficial and judge a person not by his feelings, but by the way they are treated. They never go deep into a matter and lack perseverance. Geminis cannot compromise on their independence and freedom and take all care to get them. In terms of compatibility, Aquarius and Libra can make good partners with Gemini.
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