Sailor Sedna Picture

Creation date: Apr. 2006
Media: Photoshop, Painter

It is NOT the serious picture about Sedna as the goddess, it is just new character on motives of Japanese cartoon serial "Sailor Moon".

Well, I love Sailor Moons therefore I've drawn my interpretation of the new soldier. I think, the good comment to picture becomes a few information about planet ( science and mythology )

On March 15, 2004, it was announed that in November of 2003, astronomers had discovered a potential new planet beyond Pluto which become the Solar System's tenth. Given the name Sedna in honor of the north Goddess of the Ocean. She is the coldest most distant place known in the solar system, very dark-red in color and composed of very pure ice which was kept constant almost since times of formation of Solar system. Oribit of planet is very extended ellipse.

Sedna resides at the bottom of the sea and has power over all animals. She is female, child-goddess and not Graeco-Roman. Sedna is the only child among them but also a full-fledged goddess of death far out beyond Pluto's realm. Once a father tried to marry his daughter against her will. She disobeyed him again and again. so... he takes her to sea and throws her over the side of the boat. Sedna holds on to the gunwale, desperate to be rescued. Her father cuts off her fingers with a sharp hunting knife and she falls into the sea. Her broken fingers turned into seals, walruses and whales. These sea-creatures, recognizing her as their mother, bore her safely to the bottom of the sea. The journey transformed her. This abused Inuit child, disempowered by a father who considered her his property, survived to become the powerful goddess of the Arctic sea and mother of the precious animals who were formed out of her agony. She whose ten fingers were hacked away by a selfish father-figure, has now been named our tenth planet. The "rightness" of this is astonishing.
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