Monster Month #29 - Eidolon Picture

This one was the toughest, because Eidolons come in BAZILLIONS of shapes and sizes - just as much as their primitive golem relatives do.

So I asked for some help, and settled on doing a few improvised Eidolons - Obsidian, Wood, and Armor. Thanks to those who offered ideas.

And while they share a name with one of the many ways Final Fantasy names their summons, the two have nothing in common....

aside from being pretty cool and coming in different shapes and sizes.

But in my book, the Eidolon is a more human-esque golem.

You may know 3 other Clothing, Rock/Flesh, and Blade Eidolons that appear in Heartblade; AKA: Regalia, Bullirag, and Magenta.

Species: Eidolon (AY-duh-lawn)
Genus: Advanced Construct
Form: Any previously inanimate objects/minerals/materials.
Element: Anima + ?

Height: Varies
Weight: Varies

Disposition: Impressionable - Eidolons will pick up the disposition of their golemancer master; Danger Rank B
Habitat: varies
Diet: Magic

Mob: "Cloid" - Eidolons get exponentially more powerful in numbers, since they work well together.

Sex: Biologically asexual, but Eidolons may take a shape and personality of either a boy or girl. They cannot reproduce.

(statistics based on 0-20)
Strength: Varies
Fortitude: 10+
Intellect: Varies
Agility: Varies
Magic: 10+

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