Hippocamp - Sappheiros Picture

Here's Sappheiros, one of the first Hippocamp to be painted! His coloration might look familiar, this is because one of the dragons was based off of him: fav.me/d5fvv7e The idea is that he's literally a -blue- roan. Last year Sappheiros travelled all the way to Oklahoma to compete in Spookie Oakie. He and his brother, Pyrrhos, placed quite well in the fantasy class. Sappheiros was in second, so whoever takes this guy home will also take home a nice shiny ribbon!


Blank and custom casts sold here

Figurine Info:
*Scale/Size: 3" tall x 5.5" long
*Sculpted in Sculpey, cast in a sturdy urethane resin.
*Edition: Currently undetermined. Most likely I'll keep it to one mold (30-50 casts).
*Hand painted with acrylic.
*Custom Painted slots and blank casts are open!
*More info is located on the store page.
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