Hathor Picture

Hathor, based on an ancient Egyptian myth.

Mankind grew disrespectful of the god Ra and cursed his name. Ra, in his rage, sent Hathor (the normally good-hearted goddess of love) to avenge him and make humanity fear the gods again. Hathor began to slaughter humanity with sorrow, but as time went on her bloodlust became out of control. Ra began to fear that all humans would be killed and no one would be left to worship the gods. So Ra lured Hathor into an open plain and, once she was there, flooded it with beer. Hathor, believing the beer was blood, drank till she passed out. Ra scooped up the drunken Hathor and placed her back in heaven where she woke herself again.

In my mind this is how her sister aspect Sekhmet was born. Out of her own regret Hathor split herself and placed her warlike aspect into Sekhmet so she could remain peaceful and loving. In fact, in some myths Sekhmet takes Hathor's place as the destroyer of humanity. In other myths Sekhmet is the sister aspect of Bast. Egyptian mythology is fun!
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