The PHOENIX organization Picture

Sketch rendition of AGU recurring villains PHOENIX

PHOENIX is a multinational eco-terrorist group which rumored to have its' roots, though not proven, to the last years of the Roman Empire as an a secret society of insurgents striking upon humanity as revenge for the "Sin of Prometheus". According to PHOENIX Doctrines and Greek Mythology, it was the event when the Titan Prometheus stole fire (or the first energy source) from Mount Olympus and gave it to humanity. With the gift of fire, mankind was able to create various technological advances to better their lives (build cites, create bridges, farm the lands etc) But over time, humanity began to abuse their gifts and created weapons for pointless wars, ravaged the world's natural resources for frivolous pleasures, and placing themselves on a pedestal among the Gods themselves.

The PHOENIX Society (aka The Children of The Eternal Flame) was created to bring a sense of balance to the world, and to be a counter point to "the mindlessly destructive advancement" of the world's technology. Granted by itself, PHOENIX goals is a helpful and meaningful motivation on paper, but the methods of PHOENIX are very extreme and dangerous. Several incidents included fire-bombing a lumber plant that is leveling a part of the Amazon Rain forest, and several assassination attempts on international business and technology tycoons and CEOs. The main goals of The PHOENIX Society is to engulf the world which his poisoned by the evils of technology in the flames of rebirth and rebuild it into a golden paradise in which PHOENIX will rule over on the Olympians behalf.

Recently, PHOENIX operatives infiltrated a nuclear power plant near the outskirts of Seattle, Washington taking several hostages including Anne Elektros, the daughter of a prominent Greek diplomat living in the United States. Their demands involved the US and Western European nations to shut down their power plants or they will attempt to blow the one they seized, causing a nuclear disaster in the region. The botched hostage taking resulting in an accident which transformed Anne into the superhero Electric Soldier. PHOENIX has also crossed paths with other meta human heroes and vigilantes in the AGU including the global peacekeeping spy agency INTERCEPT, the "Angel Arms" Avatar test pilots, the alien cyborg resistance group The Reactors as well as the elite superhero team The Protectors whose technology-advanced members risen the ire of the organization's anti-advancement views.

PHOENIX main staff is rumored to be led and commanded by either a "Phoenix Emperor" or "Phoenix Empress" who is elected by a sacred selection committee, its' factions consists of "flocks" of operatives assigned to various cells across the globe. They have an undying loyalty to the society's cause and are willing to sacrifice themselves for it. If captured by enemy forces or considered a traitor, PHOENIX Members press a button on their gauntlets to activate a fire bomb implanted on the back of their wing gliders consuming the unfortunate solider in "The Flames of Renewal." These members include former scientists, disgruntled military special forces soldiers, and members of former rival eco-terrorist groups. They are trained in stealth tactics and counter-espionage as well and special assassination techniques by injecting their targets a with a chemical agent which properties include rising the intended target's body temperature to the point of spontaneously combusting from the inside out. PHOENIX Solder's standard equipment are European small arms and infantry weapons systems. Their special gear includes a kelvar armored bodysuit with a bird-like helmet and jet pack complete with night-vision HUD and fold wing-like gliders for better handling in aerial maneuvers and is equipped with dual mounted fire-bomb launchers.

Written by *Dangerman-1973 and ~megasxlrfan

Drawn by ~dlxcsccomicartist

Co-created, profile co-written and requested by ~megasxlrfan
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