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undead, go find your way back home

instead of drawing a whole new picture for kiyomi's ref i just cleaned up the original and added the gravestones 0:
sorry about my awful handwriting =7=


general information

name: kiyomi
pronunciation: kee-yoh-mee
nickname(s): ki, kiyo
gender: genderfluid
pronouns: any
species: waterdog
age: unknown
birthday: july 8
sexual orientation: femmesexual
romantic orientation: panromantic
residence: travels
relationship status: single

physical appearance

height: 57 cm
weight: 28 kg
water colour: dusty purple
hairstyle: side ponytail
sand: dark grey
eyes: dusty purple (same colour as the lighter water)
accessories: spiked collar w/ laced edges + cross charm; crossed hairclips; gravestones on back; light purple starfish; lace-patterned legwarmer


Smoker?: no
drinker?: no
drug user?: no
addictions: N/A
allergies: citrus
any ailments/illnesses/disabilities: paranoid personality disorder, avoidant personality disorder
any medication regularly taken: N/A


basic personality: quiet, reserved, not very sociable, grim, seemingly eerie, easily excitable when it comes to paranormal things
likes: paranormal stuff, graveyards, abandoned ships, fog, being alone, crosses, lace, storms, eros (her "pet" fish), mythology
dislikes: crowds/parties, pelicans, seagulls, bright lights, loud noises (not including thunder)
phobias: agoraphobia
favorite colour: purple
hobbies: paranormal investigating ("ghost hunting"), seashell collecting, picking flowers to place at graves in the cemeteries she visits

eating habits

omnivore/carnivore/herbivore: omnivore, though leans mostly towards a carnivorous diet
favorite food: crab
favorite drink: pomegranate juice
disliked food: fish, seaweed
disliked drink: anything alcoholic


peaceful or aggressive attitude?: peaceful unless threatened
weaknesses: slow runner, clumsy
strengths: very good swimmer


siblings: N/A
datefriend: N/A
enemies: N/A
friends/acquaintances: elliot, roderick, sansa, kimmy, momo, newport, willow, jessica


art + character (c) polterqeists (me)
waterdogs (c) alfeddy

background image

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