CnF Supporting Cast: Josephine Picture

MILF ALERT! This time we have Belou's ([link]) mother Josephine. I very much envision a personality similar to Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter for this one.

And yeah...she definitely tips the scale of that "How much of a dirty pig is Cheshire" in the chest department LOL

PS: What is it about a black woman with freckles? I find it just so adorable LOL


NAME: Josephine Wilkins

AGE: 40

HEIGHT: 5'10"




PERSONALITY: To put it lightly, Josephine is a very eccentric woman who seems out of place in the modern world. Most would describe her as incredibly friendly yet something of a loon, very much immersed in old world lore, folktales and mythology which she puts as much stake in as solid fact. Always with a cheerful smile on her face and dressed like every day was a Renaissance Fair, she can drone on for hours about legends and fairy tales to anyone willing to endure. However she does at least know what she's talking about, with degrees in Cultural Anthropology, Theology and able to speak 7 different languages. But being a humble individual, she is more than happy running a small magic shop called "Phantasmagorica" with her daughter Belou.

FETISHES: Like her daughter, Josephine also has an intense foot fetish and very erogenous feet and will most likely make them available for anyone who's interested. A very liberated individual, she attaches no social stigma to playtime or even full on sex and see's it as no more casual than a friendly handshake or hug. She also LOVES mutual tickling for both friendly and sexual reasons.
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