Godzilla: MaM - CRACKLER and KING CAESAR Picture

A double monster piece for my Myths and Mutations universe. This time it's the Crackler - from Godzilla: The Series' "What Dreams May Come", along with an adaptation of Toho's King Caesar.

- When insomniac Sidney Walker underwent sleep therapy involving Theta waves, his subconscious manifested as the Crackler, an electrokinetic creature that attacked places Walker had frustrating experiences in (As in the episode, once Walker is convinced to release his anger, the Crackler is weakened enough for Godzilla to defeat it)
- The Theta amplification device was later stolen by Azumi Daiki; he used to create the beast King Caesar, to protect himself and his granddaughter Chiharu from the Red Bamboo organisation
- King Caesar was able to perform Azumi Daiki's martial arts moves, as well as fire energy blasts from his forehead; he resembled a shisa, a lion-like creature from Okinawan mythology

King Caesar, the Azumi family thing and Red Bamboo created by Toho; the Crackler and Sidney Walker are from Centropolis' animated series; I'm just adapting them for my universe. More on the way, so stay tuned!
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