Grida, the barbarian virgin concept art sketch Picture

this is the sketch stage.
i'll apply some color and some other details.

Grida is the lost daughter of a great barbarian chieftain.
Her village was raided by trolls and she was the only survivor. Since an early age she had to toughen up and survive in the woods. Now she's grown enough (16) and she's ready to avenge her family and make the trolls pay for her misery.
But in her adventure, she will find new friends and foes, and some other surprises she never thought to encounter.

"Grida" is a project for a "imaginary" fantasy game that takes place in the North Lands. it will involve nordic culture and mythology mixed with a touch of classic fantasy that makes the game attractiive to all audience.

This image is owned and commercial and non-commercial use from other "foes" will be punished under Epic laws... that means BEHEADING.
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