False Qilin Ramblings Picture

Oh my, a sketch! This is actually from a Tumblr I just recently started about falsicorns in general to record my own headworld ramblings for them (which can be found at [link] if anyone's interested), and I thought it was cool enough to cross-post, despite just being a sketch.

Info stuff:

This fellow is a pretty decent example of general traits found in the doppelganger morphs around China, predominantly, though the ones in India look really damn similar and same for whatever probably made it to Japan. They’re pretty unique from just about every other falsicorn due to their thick back “plating” and a weird tendency for their horns to grow in more elaborate curves and forks, rather than just one straight cone thing.

They’re born looking a lot less exciting than this, with standard little horn-nub sockets and ‘plates’ the same color as the rest of their skin (and they are skin, just super thick and nigh impenetrable — think Rhino flesh), but for reasons still not really understood, prolonged exposure to sunlight causes their skin cells to produce spontaneous extra pigmentation, so as they age, they get really interesting and sometimes dramatic color reticulation (typically in more dramatic silvers and warm oranges/browns/yellow than their basic coat) all down their backside. Lesser pigmentation also develops on places with extremely sheer or fine hair, so their inner ears and muzzles will usually show hints of the same thing. It’s probably easier to tell a Chinese falsicorn’s age than any other type by how developed and fancy their skin pigment is.

People probably got the mythos for double horned or true ‘antlered’ qilin from seeing them with their eyes open at a distance, which would give them the illusion of having a whole rack. I don’t think their horns are actually as ‘powerful’ for bite force as most though due to ornamentation, so they have more heavily muscled tails (kind of dragon-esque mythologically) to make up for it. Faces aren’t dished either, just straight like a ‘normal’ not-draft horse.

I was reading up on Qilin information (‘sup Wikipedia) today and there’s a lot of mentioning how benevolent they were, which I’ve been wondering about. Maybe they had a more hands on ‘just hero beast’ relationship with humans back in the day? They could’ve gotten their man eating jollies by devouring the threats of families they “protected” or something, hahaha.
And oh, yeah, most of these guys have mane and tail hair that’s pretty stiff and bristly, so it usually stands up and holds its shape more (and also feathers out to nothing much earlier on the neck because of the thickening skin).

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