Tanamare Picture

For those who don't want to read: Here's a pretty Lady of Light. There was a lot of white and yellow, which was a challenge in it's own right. She's atypical for women usually found in my universe. If you want to know who she is and where she came from, read more. If you don't, then her name is Tanamare and she is the light to John's dark. She is a queen and archmage who has a special skill with light, energy, and illusion.

For those of you who *do* want to read:

I've been really lucky to have so many creative friends with worlds and characters as rich as mine. Each and every one is a universe unto themselves and I am privileged to get even the smallest glimpse inside. Some of my friends have huge worlds that span galaxies and longer stretches of time than I am comfortable contemplating. And some have a few small places that are so polished, worried-over, and fine-tuned, that they are like jewels in a sea of nothing. There is no right way to do it, and I love both in equal measure.

Where I am entirely unlucky is that one of them, one with a mythology-rich, well-balanced, and small-scope worlds is dead. He had one-planet worlds for each of his three stories. If you got him a little drunk, he would tell stories of these places like a shaman telling the Old Stories of his people. I was captivated from the start. If he ever wrote any of it down, it's lost except in what his friends can remember.

Maybe it should have raised some red flags when he said "If anything ever happens to me, I want you to take in my people. As many as you can. I might not be around, but maybe that little part of me will. I know how dumb it sounds, but I'm sure you understand." I did. I got it. I was honored. He was dead by his own hand within a year.

That was about five and a half years ago. I've been so torn up that I haven't been able to do as he asked. It hurt too much. I'd start to draw one of them and just get too heartsick to finish. I couldn't even dream of finding them a home in my worlds. I was so sad and so angry, I didn't know where to begin ... until now. I started with the oldest most powerful character I could remember.

This is Tanamare, a queen and archmage of the Oldest World. I've followed his description as best I can, and can only hope she's half as pretty as he made her sound. She has found a good place next to John. The details can be worked out from there.

It's kind of a little picture. It's not my best work, nor is it a great test of my abilities. But I do love it, even if only because it stands for a promise I can finally begin to keep to a friend I loved very much.

So this is for Ruari. She is safe with me now, just like I promised. A little bit of him will always be with me.
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