The Desert of Horizontality Picture

In the beliefs of the Gandangarra people, from the old times when animals were men, Gu-rang-atch who was part reptile and part fish lived in a deep waterhole where the Wingecarribee joins the Wollondilly.

Mir-ra-gan the Tiger cat poisened the waterhole. Gu-rang-atch in his furry went on a rampage tearing up the earth as he went.

When looking at a place like Mount Maxwell in the Kanangra Wilderness, it is obvious that Gu-rang-atch spared no effort.

In the big water holes in the Kanangra and the Nattai the descendants of Gu-rang-atch inhabit them still ( from Mathews R H 1908. 'Some Mythology of the Gundungarra Tribe, New South Wales' Australian Folklaw Excerpts).

Take much care when peering into deep water holes in the Kanangra and Nattai ... certainly do not taint the water of Kanangra.
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