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Oh god guys, you have no idea what a week it has been. *Laughs* I mean, no one died or anything, but a million little annoying things decided to take up a boatload of my time (Thus is why the comic is the only dang thing I finished this week), the latest of which was chipping my car out of a foot of solid ice. … Okay, maybe not a foot. More like four inches. Or… maybe more like a hefty crust. But I couldn’t open my doors, okay? And yet, by some miracle, the comic update is done. I don’t get credit for this one folks. Credit goes to the Comic Gods. You know… the ones that sent the giant ice storm that meant my shift ended up being cut because the trucks couldn’t make it. Um… yay? The ice is pretty though! Maybe I’ll post a few photos.

In regards to the comic… well, folks, sorry about the attack of the talking heads. I tried to cram a liiittle too much into too small a space. Aaaand I kind of cheated, and modded an old picture of my online persona until it looked like Faith for that last word-bubble. Poor Faith… she’s just not any good at this werewolf business. She’s instinctually retarded, her senses aren’t quite right yet, and she looks funny. …Sounds kind of like Highschool, now that I think about it.

Also… yay for werewolf snaggle-derp-fangs. I figure, it’s better to have the pathogen as an injection rather than a saliva-borne virus like rabies. You know, that way so werewolves aren’t dribbling liquid lycanthropy everywhere. In mythology, I’ve yet to come across werewolves with notable snagglefangs while in wolf form, but there are accounts of long, pointy canines while in human form. Oddly enough, it seems a more common trait to indicate a creature is a werewolf (Or witch in animal form) instead of a wolf is the lack of a tail… but darnit, I like tails. For more info on such things, you may want to pick up Sabine Baring-Goulds’s Book of Werewolves.

Speaking of folklore, on a non-werewolf note… remember, tomorrow’s Groundhog Day. Funny thing though… the original version of the holiday used hedgehogs, not groundhogs. However, when the holiday, a mixture of Christanity’s Candlemas and Pagan Imbolc traditions, came to America, there were no hedgehogs to use to divine the weather… so instead, groundhogs are the weather-divining animal in America.

Anyway, I’ve rambled long enough, so, to everyone else who has had to deal with death ice you have my sympathies… and I hope that you guys have a great week!

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