Labirynth Masters: The Team led by Odysseus Picture

Remember the artwork I did a while back that I was so happy about? I finally managed to go about colouring it. So there you go. My very first coloured artwork. Phew, total time taken: 10 hours
Background image is an old map I found on Google.

"Once upon a time,a great evil descended upon Earth. No man lived to remember his face. But one thing was known for sure. His name was so terrifying, it shook the land. The great evil was the divine void: Chaos. Chaos brought with him war, pestilence, plague, hunger, drought and with it, death. While he reigned supreme, a hero rose from the shadows and took on Chaos. He brought down the omnipotent being with the powers of Light and he returned home a hero. That man's name was: Lucifer. However, as they all say, where there is light, there is shadow. Lucifer's greed got the better of him. After being pronounced hero and celebrated as a saviour of mankind, he craved to have more. He wanted to be at the top. He wanted more fame, more fortune, more POWER. He soon set sights on the impenetrable fortress once occupied by Chaos: The First Devil's Palace, Tartarus. With the power of Tartarus, he built immense fortresses all over the world, known as Hells. His might ruled the Underworld of eons till the day he died. And the rest? As they all say, is pure legend. Or was it history? Presently, a boy and his group of friends set on a quest to uncovering the secrets of the legendary Underworld. Along the way, they found themselves dealing with the powers of divine beings, both good and evil. As their quest led them to the most mysteriously prosperous city of Moros, they discovered an entire network of people who are just like them, going by the well-respected title: Devil Seekers. Upon hearing of the news that the Underworld is as real as day and night, they were determined to locate it and to top it all off, claim it for themselves. That boy's name is: Odysseus. He was told that in order to find Tartarus, one must transcend and face the evils which govern 13 Hells of their choice all over the world. Travel to the deepest pit of each Hell and snag the Tartarus key. As of now, the group decided to take on the 13 worst hells in mythology. Once conquered, they will traverse the trail of Tartarus, before claiming the legendary place for themselves."

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