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Everyone's fav digital demon lord
Chillin in digi-hell or whatever, bein cool and somehow not catching on fire.
ugh I have had an crush on him since I was 10 (Hence my lovely misspelled username)
can you tell I have never really drawn guns before (or a butt for that matter)
I also did not even try to draw those weird tubey things on his back because I thought I did a good job of his back and I didn't want to cover it up. Actually I spent a lot of time drawing back muscles for this before I realised that his back is like the only place on his body not covered with very very tight leather. (actually woah now are you sensing a pattern with the guys I draw too much? A pattern involving ridiculously large guns with too many barrels and also hand armor and really uncomfortable-looking leather things)
(I'm pretty sure that beelzemon actually doesn't wear anything except leather pants and that slutty jacket and he just paints his torso black) (dude no that's not sensible biking gear also you're getting paint all over everything) ("fuck you i worked hard for these abs")
wow I'm so glad of the typo that sets my oc Beezlemon away from digimon Beelzemon because digimon beelzemon is a lot more like xaanik now (i.e. he is a douchebag and I draw him too much) I have tried to give Beezlemon a new name for like 5 years but no he'll always be Beezlemon. it's funny though because my beezlemon started off as actual beelzemon and gradually degenerated into a useless pasty nerd (me) over the course of 7 years.
I really don't know why I do the things I do.

When I started drawing this, it didn't have the weird fire stuff (actually tbh that sort of happened by accident) and it was all in yellows and purples; I thought his red eyes didn't go with it at all and I was actually pretty tempted to turn him into Blast Mode just so I could turn them green and give him big feathery wings but no. Also this started off being an almost-square image and I decided to turn it 9:16 to make it more cinematic and that is not a thing you should ever do if you paint around textures instead of backgrounds because believe me it is horrible trying to get them to work again once you've had to move them around and resize them and uuuughghghgh messing with that took just as long as it took to draw the damn thing.
I'm still not happy with this, backroundwise. it doesn't really make a lot of sense now that the frame's been extended out to the left, like what even is he doing he's threatening that fire for its lunch money or something idk. Idk just pretend there's like Gallantmon or something hiding in a flame abyss and Beelzemon's kind of perching on a very obscured outcrop of rocks. I was going to actually draw that before I realised that I can't draw rocks and was too lazy to do anything about that.

I plan on drawing Beelzemon Blast Mode at some point, mostly just because I want to draw him with wiiingssss. I'm intimidated by his arm canon though.


The lovely stock I used to get the pose and proportions and stuff right is by =Null-Entity...
…And the beautiful textures I used are by =Sirius-sdz

Ahh this was really quite fun to draw though.
I missed drawing ridiculous abs and stuff while I was drawing star trek things. As much as I love star trek there is sadly not much opportunity to draw gratuitous torso muscles.
gdi picard why don't you work out more.

Ooh fun fact: the digimon demon lords correspond to the seven deadly sins. Beelzemon's sin is gluttony. Yah, you and me too man. Also Purgatory level 6 because it's on his crest thing and I was too lazy to think of my own title. I spend a lot of my time researching the mythology associated with digimon. Oops. I'm reading paradise lost because of these guys (and also Frankenstein don't do it it's very boring

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