In The Frosty Arms of Bestla. Picture

Here's my latest 'WHAT IF?' painting...

If a flying saucer has managed to crash on our planet (the Roswell incident)...might they not also crash on other worlds?...perhaps even a world within our solar system? So I decided to depict a saucer crash on another planet...a moon within the system of Saturn. But Saturn has 52 (that we know of) orbiting moons.

Which one should I pick? I eventually decided on BESTLA...a relatively unknown outer moon of Saturn.
In Norse mythology Bestla was an ancient Jotun (or frost giantess), a daughter of Bolthorn. With Borr, she was the mother of Odin, Ve and Vili. I felt the name suited a frosty resting ancient planetoid...never visited before...and now only tragically.
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