Stealing the Spotlight Picture

The advertised focus was the returning four, at first.

Throughout August and most of September, we expected them to play major roles in the island together. We were aware of a fifth villain, but it wasn't confirmed who it was, until the island came out. In it, Black Widow and Binary Bard (and Mordred! Bonus!) were awesome in my opinion. Dr. Hare has an odd dream but at least he speaks. Captain Crawfish, however. He. Doesn't. Do. Anything. He doesn't even have any lines at all in this island! He's just... there. And then... there's Zeus, the plot twist villain. I don't know if it was because he got only second place in the 2011 Favorite Villain showdown or whatever, but he, after revealing himself (he was disguised as a seemingly friendly but suspicious Dr. Jupiter) steals the spotlight! The returning four just swim off! The island goes from an island about four original, great villains to a sequel to Mythology Island. Part of me was excited (mostly thanks to my favoritism), but I was also disappointed. When you defeat him in the same fashion as Mythology Island, it's either the end or you go into his dream. His dream is really... well, upside-downy. But I'm getting a little carried away right now.

This is a drawing about stealing the spotlight. the end.

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