Shu: Lord of Windermere Picture

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I'm working on a fantasy land for my horse characters so bare with me if there isn't a lot of information right now.

I would love to hear what people think so don't be afraid to comment or give suggestions!

The land my characters live in is called Windermere
It is split into 5 kingdoms plus a sacred haven above.
The kingdoms are named after the greek wind gods since it is a land wind patron diety Shu (above) each kingdom is then rpoected by one of his five children
-Middle Kingdom: Aeolia -protected by NODIN
-North Kingdom: Boria -protected by STORMCHASER
-South Kingdom: Notia -protected by GATHERING STORM
-East Kingdom: Euria -protected by WINDTALKER
-West Kingdom: Zephyria -protected by SKY KING

The place where all the deities of Windermere live in the Upper Haven, watched over by Shu. They are called the "Lords of the Upper Haven"

On the land of Windermere there is a temple where horses train to become great heros and saviors and often work with the nobles and sometimes even deities to protect the land. This temple is protected by the etheral Wind element, who is the younger brother of Shu.

gender: male
eye color: purple
color: grey pinto with dark grey points on this back and rear
personality: Shu is not often seen like many patron deities in mythology and only appears when the need arises. He is calm and often times cold. He is seen as a fair judge and is always busy.

-Shu is the name of the egyptain wind god

Shu is outlined in prisma pens and colored in prisma markers
Shu (C) WindsofAeolia
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