Rabbit Learns About Mortality Picture

For YouAsTheNarrator Character Bio - Coyote COYOTE The Trickster Hero
■ Animal spirit ■ Immortal ■ Drifter
███████π The Sarcastic Healer YouAsTheNarrator Character Bio - Red Fox RED FOX The Sarcastic Healer
■ Animal spirit ■ Immortal ■ Healer
The Patient Good Samaritan YouAsTheNarrator Character Bio - Gray Fox GRAY FOX The Patient Good Samaritan
■ Animal spirit ■ Immortal ■ Warrior
The Repentant Orphan YouAsTheNarrator Character Bio - Wolf WOLF The Repentant Orphan
■ Animal spirit ■ Immortal ■ Philanthropist

Coyote deals with a trickster who doesn’t know where to draw the line.
Word count- 2,724

Takes place after Coyote’s Gift Coyote's Gift The Creative Spirit couldn't remember where he came from, but he knew where he was going. He was going to find some company even if it took traveling to the farthest reaches of the star-speckled emptiness to do so.

He looked and looked, but there was no one else to talk to. Disappointed, he stopped to rest on a large empty rock floating in the blackness and let his mind wander. There was water on the rock. He imagined a being that could absorb it into itself, combining it with energy taken from a nearby star to grow and become beautiful.

He thought and thought, until tiny green tendrils began sprouting from the soil. A smile bloomed on his
and during the beginning of Wolf’s Children Wolf's Children When the Creative Spirit left the world he left Wolf with an emptiness he could not leave unfilled. Each animal spirit mourned the loss of the creator in his or her own way, but eventually all turned their thoughts to the joys life had to offer. All except for Wolf. The memory of his father's disappointment nipped at his heels, driving the feet of his soul to pace relentlessly with worry.

He had been selfish. He had been cruel. It was a wonder the other animal spirits could stand to have him in their presence. He felt, though part of him insisted it could not be true, that the ugliness he brought into the world was responsible for driving th

Messing around with some ideas for how the creator’s punishment works. It sets a pretty high bar for evil deeds, so Rabbit is the only one to have brought death on himself. Coyote hasn’t done anything bad enough by those standards, but the Creative Spirit took a very personal disliking to him, so he is locked in an endless cycle of death and rebirth.

Rabbit is a popular trickster figure spanning multiple continents. For some reason, I’ve never liked him much. Sometimes “brains over brawn” types seem to enjoy their victories a little too much. I especially found the story where he tricked some humans who were after him into drowning one of their children creepy. Since my version of Coyote is a bit of a “nice guy” compared to his mythological counterpart I thought it would be an interesting contrast.

This was before Red Fox and Gray Fox were a couple. She waited for a long time for him to ask her out, but he was too dense to notice how interested she was.
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