Fight between guardians Picture

= PLEASE FULL VIEW!!= (tiny details)

FINALLY! I have this finished. lol It took me awhile to come up with something to draw in with the phoenix to counter balance it. and well I think I did good at picking something...
Thanks to some of my friends in UnA and Akabeko for helping me out with it.

Anyhow I named it "Fight between guardians" for a reason. I decided to make the phoenix into Suzaku, the red bird of the south and the dragon is Seiryuu, the blue dragon of the East. The dragon took longer to finish though *just got it done today which she started Saturday* and about made my hand give out when I was in the midst of getting it finished. *sweat-drops at self for putting soo much detail on it*
Note: since I do like how Haku's(Spirited Away) dragon form was done I decided using a similiar look *like she did on another dragon hence why it looks like that*

The phoenix was a tid bit easier and took shorter amount of time *notes it was done in a day*

I think I went a little over board on the details on them *sweat-drops*

But please full view! ^^x

Drawn in graphite
Seiryuu and Suzaku does not belong to me. However this picture does belong to me, HikyuuTera©
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