Scott Pilgrim: The Lost Levels Picture

My Scott Pilgrim Contest entry.

Okay.. I had a 179 layers going by the end and that's not counting the ones I merged. My computer started to lag when Photoshop was the only program open, my computer never lags.. It was a bit daunting.

My thought was that I had to come up with a way for there to be an 8th evil ex which also ignored the mathematical laws of, well, addition. Even ignoring in continuity reasons for there being no reason for an 8th evil ex, the only person who actually could be.. Is Scott, since 7 + 1 = 8. Hence "The Lost Levels."

Here is the deal. The first person to note me a list with every hidden "Easter egg" or reference will get one free safe-for-work 1-3 character commission.

Edit: 9/4/10 So you guys seemed to like the search and find aspect better then anything else I've tried!
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