Ash -Character Sketch 1- Picture

No, not Ash Ketchem, you idiots. This is an entirely different Ash from the manga Kaya and I are working on...which currently has no name, but the project has been code-named "Mythos" for the moment.

This here is Ash. He's technically a phoenix, though he's currently in human form for reasons even he's not entirely sure of. Fun thing about being a phoenix, if he changes forms he loses all his memories, so he has no idea why exactly he turned into a cute, blatantly uke teenager. He was found by a half-demon called Damon, whom named him (Damon really isn't one for creativity, mind you.
Both guys work for an agency (which had a name, but I forgot it and Kaya's not around to remind me) that deals with all sorts of issues having to do with mythological creatures. Werewolves, vampires, dragons, you name it, they deal with it. When they aren't dealing with all that, the guys and rest of the quirky characters are simply trying to deal with everyday life worries like whether Damon will actually manage to not flunk out of every class he's in or if their boss will manage not to kill them today.

And then there's the issue that if Ash if resumes his original form, he'll forget all of them and any relationships he had with them. It's said if a pheonix appears it's a sign of good times, but if it vanishes it's a bad omen...and as Ash has currently assuming human form, it can only mean something bad is about to go down...

Right! Um...sooo, this is Ash.
Well, comments are greatly appreciated. ^^ I need to work on pumping out pictures of the rest of the cast.
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