World Turtle --Finished-- Picture

It's done! Hurray!! (( The WIP: [link] ))

I am so proud of this. Especially the turtle and the crow.

There's a lot of mythology references in this collage. A LOT. I'll do my best to point out and explain the bigger things.

    At the base of the collage is a giant sea turtle from Iroquois (American Indian) mythology. Because of where I live, Iroquois mythology was a big thing for my history teachers to do lessons on in grade school. I always found the Iroquois creation myth really interesting. I won't explain the whole myth here but in the myth, the world as we know it is formed on the back of a giant turtle.

    Growing out of the turtle's back are trees. The tree in the front is actually the Tree of Life. Technically I got the Tree of Life from the Disney exhibit (it's a large tree with the faces of various animals carved into it) and not strictly from mythology. But it seemed appropriate for the picture.

    Jumping to the top of the picture there's a crow with blue flames. In one Native American folktale I read, it is the crow who brings the sun, moon, stars, and fresh water into the world. I started off with just red and orange flames to bring images or a phoenix or the sun to mind, but I ended up reconsidering. I changed the flames and made the blue because it fit better with the collage's color scheme and the blue made me think of the aurora borealis. The aurora borealis has a meaning in Native American mythos as well, Inuit mythology more specifically.

    Lastly, at the top there's a woman holding a moon and pouring water onto the world/turtle. The woman represents many things, mainly lunar or creation goddesses as well as Aquarius. Her pouring water onto the turtle and the earth/trees is representative of her giving them life.

End pretentious explanation of art project.

I'd really love to hear what you guys think~<3
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