Ash(ton) Fawkes - ID Picture

Oh my god! My first MH OC *-* I’m really proud of him. It took me a whole day to draw him and I’m thinking of his personality a long time ago. Why did I chose a phoenix? I love ancient mythologies – especially the Greek one. And phoenixes are cool – Harry Potter and things like that. Everyone just calls him Ash – because of “phoenix of the ashes”. His surname is from JKRs Harry Potter where Dumbledore’s phoenix is also called Fawkes. His personality is really complicated. Because he’s immortal – even though he just starts new life circles after some time – he has some kind of god complex and believes he’s better than anyone else. So he’s REALLY arrogant. But he’s also creative, honest – some people say too honest, so he could be really rude – and very intelligent. He loves to be free and independent, enjoys listening to hard rock and metal music and is really tolerant. On the other hand he’s egoistic and doesn’t really care about other people and their opinion.

What does he need? Friends, foes and a possibility to live. Maybe something like RPG?


Hand-drawn sketch, coloured with Paint Tool Sai
Pose reference by Aomori
Template by LadydragonQueen
Skull base by OshiiRyuu

Ashton Fawkes belongs to me! Do not steal him!
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