Lupine Compass Guardians Picture

Contest pic done for the Lupine's 5th Birthday Celebration

Since the deadline has passed for entries for the art contest, I thought I'd throw my entry up on here. ^^

For my art entry, I went with something that was a bit more abstract mythology. When I found a website that showed the different guardians/representations of the Compass directions I knew I had to use them for my pic.

Four Guardians of the Four Compass Directions
Tortoise (Black Warrior) = North, Winter, Black, Water
White Tiger (Kirin) = West, Fall, White, Metal
Red Bird (Phoenix) = South, Summer, Red, Fire
Dragon = East, Spring, Blue/Green, Wood

Each directional guardian in my pic represents the animal, color, element, season and of course direction by placement on the image. (North being the top of the page)

North: Nagapine hugging a tortoise, winter scenery, black bodied, frozen river behind it. (As there are no male tortoise -- as the ancient believed -- the female had to mate with a snake. Thus the tortoise embracing a snake became the protector symbol of the north - Taken from the same website ^^ thus inspiration for Nagapine)
East: Eastern(teehee X3), both blue and green, in the spring with a flowering tree representing wood.
South: Phoenix lupine, red, at a bonfire scene late one summer's night to add the element of fire.
West: Pharaoh lupine to represent the tiger, in an autumn scene with a bell around the neck to symbolize metal.

Hope that gives a bit more insight into the pic instead of just four random loopy images put together into one X3

This was done up between speed art entries as well as visiting my mom in the hospital. x3 So alas I don't think I managed to get everything done that I wanted to do in either contest, but I had fun with them and that's what matters.

Lupines are (C)
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