Korra's Animal Guide Picture

In Chinese mythology, the 'fenghuang' represents the female, the moon, and duality of Daoism: or, in "Avatar: the Last Airbender", the equivalent of the Moon and Ocean koi spirits united in the form of a unique bird.

After all, in "Avatar", the Avatar represents unity of all things in one body, and the connection to the Spirit World; the 'fenghuang' also represents unity and godlike qualities, and the white color is matched to real-life pheasants' winter coats (camouflage).

The moon also associates from the source of Korra's Waterbending (according to "Avatar" canon). Thus, I feel the 'fenghuang' symbol represents Korra, and, due to this, I drew a realistic version of Korra with her 'companion', named Yue, that I created for her, a white-feathered female 'fenghuang'.

Realistic Korra and her 'fenghuang', Yue, drawn free-hand, based off a picture of Nicola Peltz (who plays Katara in "The Last Airbender").

Yue, Korra's pet 'fenghuang', is based off a pheasant, not the traditional peacock used to base phoenixes and 'fenghuang' on.

(Approx. Time Spent: 1-3 hours)


EDIT: Changed her companion's name to "Yue" and gender to female after Princess Yue, the Moon Spirit.


Avatar: the Legend of Korra (c) to Bryce
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