The Immortal Queen Picture

~Okay, so I'm going to probably get a lot of razz about this not looking like the more westernized phoenix, or the more common firebird (note: the firebird is actually a Russian mythical creature, unlike the phoenix, whose origins probably lie in China, or Egypt, depending on who you ask). So if you say firebird, then you're wrong: firebird and phoenix are two seperate creatures as far as I'm concerned.

This is more of my interpretation of the phoenix as in Chinese mythology. According to some myths, the Phoenix represented the Empress while the Dragon represented the Emperor, or the Son of Heaven. Thus, I decided to do just that interpretation of the Phoenix as the Empress, note the yellow Hanfu.

I kinda think I overdid it with the color, since I used at least seven different colors for the feathers. And the background is kinda ugly, because it was an afterthought. It looks a tad better in real life.

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Phoenix is (c) Ash
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