Flaming Mystical Phoenixes Picture

Meet the mystical Deadly Alliance team from China, Flaming Mystical Phoenixes.

A very long time ago before I joined deviantArt, I created the team for Hawaii, USA, in a native attribute. I named the main leader on the center, Blaze, and he had an origin about redemption and lived inside the volcano; I had a vision in my mind. But before that, he was ironically a member of Flyer Eagles but now he has his own team for now.
But now I changed my vision into Chinese attribute, changed his name into translated Blaze as Huozai Huang and changed his origin inspired from the legend of Fenghuang which I've researched it about the mystical Phoenix. Phoenix is not only originated from the east but from the west as well. Each legend had its different story to tell and different myth to learn. So I chose the Ancient Chinese culture, armed with their weapons from that period and wearing Chinese armor as you can see it right now.

Enjoy my artwork, you guys.
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