Lost to War Picture

What kind of thing could kill a phoenix? What kind of a thing could turn a griffin into ice? Only the cruelty of war, where despair and desolation strikes. Where demons rise and phoenixes die.

"The end is nigh..." thought the griffin, and oh - he was right. When phoenixes die, all life shall wither.


Originally I wanted to redesign one of my really, really, reeeaally old creature designs labelled as "phoenix of death" (I still might do that, since I kind of like parts of the concept). But somehow I couldn't come up with an improved concept which appealed to me.
As I went on with creating small sketches, I noticed that my gallery lacks all kind of mythological creatures (other than dragons of course, haha) and decided to draw a griffin - also inspired through "Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons" (which is an awesome game). I ended up concept for this artwork here... and while drawing it, I suddenly asked myself: "Wait, what the hell am I doing - phoenixes can't die, can they?"
Probably they can't. But I wanted to create a disturbing, dark world where they do. In this world this is sign the world will end - an apocalypse with dying phoenixes. The falling "meteors", though not really visible in the picture, are other phoenixes falling from the sky, crushing on the ground and die.
It's a world on its final breath - that's also why I choose to draw a rather uncomfortable surrounding. Those "teeth", rising from the ground, consume all life in a last outcry of hatred and anger.

A different kind of apocalypse - an angry world with dying - otherwise immortal - creatures. while other living beings slowly turn into ice and wither away, eventually being devoured by their own planet.

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