Raven From Embers Picture

Full Title: "Raven from Embers: The Classical Phoenix"

This image was made as an experiment, based on Ken Gililand's description (in the Birds of Legend release thread at DAZ3D) of one of the more likely origins of the Phoenix of mythology: that of a raven resting in the warm embers of a dying fire. It took a very, very LONG time to get the fire and embers anywhere close to where and how I wanted them, in addition to finally figuring out a way to position the logs so that they showed and seemed a part of the scene instead of standing out from it. I may remake this image one day, but I'm happy with how it is now.

Songbird Remix 2: Raven, ThrowZ Props and PoseZ by Jepe and Wylder, Jepes FlameZ, Medieval Tavern, On a Certain Night, Ron's Smoke, Render Studio Lights.
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