Mythological beach Picture

They are characters from a dream I had sometime in May.
I saw the story though the eyes of the girl in the middle.

The boy is the son of an explorer, and goes with his father in his travels during the vacation. The girls are his friends, he invited them once so they could enjoy being in an exotic country and both of them got contaminated with spirits/curses and now turn into a sphinx and a phoenix on occasions.

The dream: The three students try to enroll in a high school that is located ON a beach, a few streets away from the high school where all of their other friends go. The other students are really not welcoming. The boy was expected by the provisor and is accepted quite fast (the provisor is sitting at a desk in the middle of a hall with students in yellow-and-blue swimming suits walking around) and he leaves with all the boys, but the girls get caught in the middle of sudden agitation: the high school "queen" has arrived in the room and doesn't stand anyone in her way. She even spills burning hot coffee on the smaller girl. The new girls retreat to a corner, the taller one soothing the other. After things get quieter they are called to the desk, and told to show more respect to the queen. They are questionned by the provisor, and the student around comment on their answers. The smaller girl behaves a lot younger than she looks and gets upset by all the questions, turning into her bird-form. Several of the students step forward to catch her, but her friend transforms as well and stands over the phoenix, threatening everyone around. She picks up the bird and carries it away into the corridor, where all the boys went.

On funny thing I will add, is that some sudents hinted that the high school had more freaks, including a werewolf girl who appeared in the hall at around the end of the queen incident. And that the sphinx was immediately interested in her and as she walked out, she hoped the girl had seen her transform and been impressed
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