Jack and Phoenix Final Form Picture

Jack and Phoenix Final Form; While I haven't gone through all of the forms of this couple, I've decided to skip to the very last form, as I think it's the coolest one... Odin's Ravens. In my story, "The Prophecy Of Tears" is known throughout all of the realms. Odin knows of this, and find the love of Jack and Pheonix to be extremely honorable; "Divine", in essence. Because of this, Odin grants Jack and Phoenix the ability to shape shift into his two ravens, Hugninn and Muninn (Thought and Memory). And these aren't just any ravens; These are gigantic dieties, who are blessed with both godspeed and great strength. A very formidable duo, indeed. This is where I took the concept of The Crow a step further... Instead of one of the lovers seeking vengence, they both get their chance. And instead of following a crow around, they get to become these famous ravens of lore, in their final stance against the ultimate evils of the world. And the music for Jack and Phoenix's killer form? How about a little Front Line Assembly, for ya: [link] This concept has a copyright. Drew Henry, CEO/Owner of AvatarINK Studios [link]
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