Phoenix:Memento Mori tattoo Picture

This is a tattoo I designed in early 2003, and had inked a few months later. The design is simple but effective. Can't remember the tattooists name - a Dutch guy, I think, who worked at Angelic Hell in Brighton. He did a great job of the shading.

I can't think of much more to say about this. The design is basically supposed to express an essential duality or, perhaps more accurately, a sense of balance that exists in my personal outlook on life. "Memento mori" translates variously as "remember that you must die", "remember death", or "remember that thou art mortal". The words stand as a warning of mortality; a caution that, young as I (we) might be, we are far from immortal. The phoenix, on the other hand, is an emblem of new beginnings, and rebirth. Here is it taken to mean a focus on living life to the fullest, and utilising what I (we) have.

The tattoo could also be interpreted as a representation of Buddhist cycles of rebirth, or something similar from other mythologies. This is not what it means to me, but I don't claim to have any control over what art means.

So, there's my first deviation. Hopefully I categorised this one correctly.
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